Hydroplaning: How To Keep Your Car and Family Safe In Inclement Weather

With the summer months also comes inclement weather. This can also bring on many car accidents in the summer months. People don't understand how delicate tires are and that some simple maintenance can help you keep you and your family safe. Below is how to better understand hydroplaning and what you need to do in order to keep your family safe in inclement weather.


Hydroplaning is defined as a vehicle that sliding uncontrollably due to the tires having more water in the Treads that it can filter out. That means that when you're driving at high speeds over wet pavement the water begins to push the front tires off the ground slightly. This will create a thin film between the tire and the road. That film then separates the road in the tire and causes the driver to completely lose control of the car and possibly end up in a car accident. How's your planning can be terrifying for a driver, especially new drivers, and most people tend to panic when they feel that the vehicle is spinning out of control. So what causes hydroplaning? Hydroplaning can actually be caused a few different ways.


The most common way that you had your playing a car is by speeding on a wet Road. When driving in the rain this can often happen on vehicles with front-wheel drive. This often happens because of the fact that the we're on the back axle of the tire causes your car to spin out of control from the rear instead of the front. Your first thought when you spit out of control might be to slam on the brakes but you should definitely resist this urge. When you slam on your brakes your car will actually lose what traction it does have and make you completely spin out of control. It's better to stay calm and not overreact. You should just lightly bring your foot off the gas and start correcting your spin.


When you want to minimize your chances of hydroplaning, you should definitely have your tires checked. Keeping up with your tire maintenance can actually help you save you and possibly others from an accident when it comes to hydroplaning. If you're looking for a great place to get maintenance, talk to a mechanic, or even buy new tires if your old ones or worn out, you should check out Discount Tire. Discount Tire are great because they run regular specials that help you really own the road by not spending more than you have to on a pair of tires. Simply click the link above in order to check out all of the coupons that could save you up to 70% off the retail price on a brand new set of tires for your vehicle.


Just remember that when it comes to hydroplaning if you aren't comfortable driving in heavy rain you should definitely stay home. Otherwise, if you have to be on the road you should put on your emergency hazard lights and pull over to the side of the road until the rain subsides.


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